17 January 2024 .Brussels , Belgium

Setting WBCPC work priorities for 2024

In this video, our President, Dr Lydia Makaroff, and Executive Director, Alex Filicevas wish the bladder cancer patient community a happy and healthy New Year and share some of the exciting projects and activities taking place in 2024.

«We are looking ahead with excitement and aspiration for impactful activities this year. We place a strong focus on this year on growing and strengthening our coalition by welcoming new organisations, empowering, and supporting people affected by bladder cancer in starting bladder cancer patient support groups in their communities and continue fostering a diverse community of bladder cancer patient advocates ensuring every voice is heard.

Dr Lydia Makaroff, , President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition.

We highlight many different projects that will take place this year:

  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals and a range of stakeholders, especially in countries where bladder cancer patient groups do not exist yet. Our goal is to provide essential support and resources to bladder cancer patients in these areas and work alongside local experts.
  • Make Bladder Cancer Awareness Month louder and aim to reach wider with our annual campaign to raise awareness about bladder cancer. We’re committed to making our resources in a varietylanguages, emphasising our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility around the globe.
  • Host our fourth edition of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum, which is an incredible opportunity for our international bladder cancer patient community, friends, experts and healthcare professionals to collaborate, advocate and find ways to improve the lives and outcomes of people affected by bladder cancer around the world.
  • Prioritise the patient voice and experience in all our initiatives to ensure these needs and perspectives guide our decision-making. From welcoming new Directors to the WBCPC Board to using the Global Bladder Cancer & Carer Survey results we will make sure to listen and best respond to the needs of people affected by bladder cancer, and focus together on advocating for the best possible care and outcomes for bladder cancer patients around the world.
  • Direct efforts on supporting small or starting bladder cancer patient groups with the help of our Start-up guide, twinning initiatives, co-creation and capacity-building activities.
  • Be the best source of support and information for the people affected by bladder cancer – guiding them to local support networks through our member organisations, and where they do not exist yet – guide to valuable resources, information and each other.
  • Focus on developing informational patient resources in more languages, to facilitate the gaps that exists in many countries where bladder cancer patient organisations do not exist yet. These resources will be invaluable in informing the public and offering support to those newly diagnosed with bladder cancer.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email us at info@worldbladdercancer.org

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