29 November 2023 .Brussels , Belgium
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Launching the ‘Time to Accelerate’ Roadmap

The European Cancer Organisation organised a meeting titled ‘Time to Accelerate: Action on Men and Cancer – A Roadmap for Improvement’ on November 29, 2023, at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting served as a platform to launch the joint Roadmap for Improvement, co-developed by the European Cancer Organisation, the European Association of Urology (EAU), and the Global Action on Men’s Health (GAHM). 

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition, proudly endorses this transformative roadmap. Our support reflects the recognition of the roadmap’s significance in addressing men’s health concerns comprehensively. As part of the broader ‘Time to Accelerate’ European Cancer Manifesto for 2024, the roadmap has gained widespread backing from over 55 organisations and politicians.

At the heart of the roadmap is a comprehensive strategy that includes gender-neutral HPV vaccination and enhanced access to health services, reflecting the patient-focused ethos often seen in expert panel discussions. The emphasis on early detection through gender-specific health information and more flexible GP hours aligns with the current patient-centred approach in healthcare. 

A central theme of the roadmap is improving support for men, particularly in psychosocial aspects, in line with EU Council recommendations for cancer screening. These initiatives reflect an evolving understanding of men’s specific healthcare needs, mirroring the insightful dialogues in contemporary healthcare circles. 

Additionally, the roadmap stresses the importance of equipping healthcare providers and policymakers with the latest knowledge and skills, resonating with the current focus on education and empowerment in healthcare discussions. This aspect underlines the roadmap’s commitment to keeping pace with the dynamic nature of healthcare. 

Download the Roadmap here

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