11 November 2023 .Milan , Italy
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Associazione PaLiNUro’s 6th Congress

The Associazione PaLiNUro held its 6th Annual Congress on 11 November 2023, in Milan, Italy, which the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC) had the opportunity to attend in person. 

The Congress was opened by Edoardo Fiorini, President of Associazione PaLiNUro, who presented the Italian data from WBCPC’s Global Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey. This presentation highlighted how Italy’s quality of bladder cancer care compares with the rest of the world. 

Additionally, our participation in the Congress allowed us to connect with the bladder cancer patient community in Italy. We engaged in meaningful conversations, shared perspectives, and forged connections that will contribute to the collective efforts aimed at supporting those affected by bladder cancer. This included disseminating knowledge and expertise from Italy to other countries around the world through our growing bladder cancer patient coalition. The collaborative space created during the Congress reinforced the importance of a united global front in the fight against bladder cancer. 

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