26 November 2023 .Brussels , Belgium
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Recognising carers on International Caregiver Day

On November 26, 2023, International Caregiver Day, we take a moment to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions of carers around the world. They play a crucial role in supporting people affected by bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer, affecting millions of people worldwide, being the 10th most commonly diagnosed cancer, places significant physical and emotional strains on patients and their families. Carers, often family members or close friends, become the pillars of strength, offering not only physical assistance but also crucial emotional support throughout the journey.

Findings from our Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Experience Survey reveal that carers feel least equipped to provide emotional support to their loved ones. When addressing the most challenging aspects of caregiving, 49% of respondents identified emotional support as the most difficult part of care to provide.

Indeed, the caregiving role significantly impacts carers in diverse ways, particularly emotionally. Survey respondents commonly reported feelings of fear regarding the potential relapse of the person with bladder cancer (65%), emotional distress (60%), and consistently prioritising the needs of the person they cared for over their own (55%).

We invite you to explore our report and find out more about the findings of our Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Experience Survey. You will learn more about the many challenges and experiences of bladder cancer carers.

If you are a carer supporting someone affected by bladder cancer, or if you have had such experiences in the past and wish to connect with others who have shared similar journeys, as well as facilitate connections among bladder cancer patients, now might be the opportune moment for you to initiate a bladder cancer patient group or support network in your local community.

We have created a Start-up guide available in various languages. This guide serves as an excellent starting point, providing you with insights into what’s possible and offering inspiration from the work of bladder cancer patient organisations globally.

Some of our member organisations have created resources specifically for carers of people affected by bladder cancer. Explore the Bladder Cancer Canada Caregivers Handbook and Fight Bladder Cancer Carers’. A to Z Guide

Download Start-up guide

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