30 June 2020 .Brussels , Belgium

Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on cancer patient organisations

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition has published a report on The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Patient Organisations. This report is the work of five global cancer patient coalitions, representing around 400 organisations. It demonstrates the enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate at a very challenging time, to develop and strengthen calls to action, to learn from each other and support those we work with and communities we serve.

«Keep in touch with your patients. They are fearful and so are we but we offer a service and, until we can no longer deliver that service we must be the light that shine for them.

A survey respondent, Barbados

As this report shows, cancer patient organisations around the world have been a critical point of contact for vulnerable people, and this need has increased dramatically as COVID-19 has spread far and wide. This level of support has been achieved at a time when the organisations themselves have had to cope with relocating staff and volunteers, developing new services, acquiring new tools and skills, all whilst experiencing stark falls in income and a very uncertain future.

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