16 December 2022 .Paris , France
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Speaker reflections from the #BladderCancerForum22

At the World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum, Stephen Head, Senior Director of Patient Partnerships at Astellas Pharma Europe joined the panel discussion on taking bladder cancer patients’ voice forward, bringing an industry perspective to the table.

He discussed the importance of raising our voice as a global community as worldwide, over 570,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer and 1.7 million people find themselves living with the condition. He pointed out that there is an urgent need to raise awareness for people who are at risk of bladder cancer, facing bladder and greater support for carers who are often overlooked.

«We need to increase awareness for people who are at risk for bladder cancer. We need to make sure that people truly understand the signs and symptoms of this disease.

Stephen Head,

Watch below, Stephen Head’s reflections from the World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum


To continue our mission to raise awareness about bladder cancer, we have developed an infographic showcasing key facts about bladder cancer. Our infographic is a helpful tool for both advocacy and awareness. It is fundamental for us that both men and women understand the signs, symptoms and risks of developing bladder cancer and ensure that everybody around the world is getting enough information.

Download the infographic

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