13 December 2023 .Buenos Aires , Argentina

VICARE joins WBCPC community

We are delighted to welcome the Argentinian bladder cancer patient organisation VICARE to our CoalitionThe organisation becomes first member organisation of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition in South America.

Vicare was created in July 2020 and is the first association of patients and families with bladder cancer or kidney cancer in Argentina. It was founded to reduce the mortality of the disease, support patients and their families and improve care and the quality of life for people affected by bladder cancer.

The Buenos Aires based VICARE mission is to:

  • Offer vital support to bladder cancer and kidney cancer patients and their families
  • Conduct awareness programs for kidney and bladder cancer prevention within the community
  • Emphasise on ‘Healthy Treatment’ by integrating good nutrition, physical activity, medical care, and psychological support
  • Work on the creation of the VICARE Community, a patient database with comprehensive logistical support on-demand

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition believes that organisations such as VICARE are essential to raising awareness about bladder cancer locally, advocating for the unmet needs of people affected by bladder cancer and providing much-needed peer support and information to patients and their families.

«Becoming a member of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition means joining a unique force for positive change. As the sole kidney and bladder cancer association in Argentina, VICARE has a crucial role in leading advocacy, awareness, specialised support, regional collaboration, and research promotion. WBCPC membership empowers pioneering efforts that directly impact patients and their families, establishing VICARE as a pivotal force in transforming kidney and bladder cancer care in the region.

Dr Matías Chachón, Honorary President and founder of VICARE

We encourage bladder cancer patients, carers, families and advocates to join together to improve support, information and care for people affected by bladder cancer in their communities. This is why we have developed the Start-up guide for bladder cancer patient groups – a step-by-step guide and source of direct inspiration from our members for those ready to start a patient support group in their country.

If you have any questions, would like to learn more, join our coalition or start your own bladder cancer patient group, email us at info@worldbladdercancer.org

You can find out more about VICARE here.

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