5 December 2023

Raising bladder cancer awareness in India

For the second consecutive year, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition was thrilled to offer the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Grants (BCAM Grant) in 2023. The BCAM Grants enable patient organisations, support, or advocacy groups in low and middle-income countries to bring awareness to bladder cancer in their communities.

This year, one of our BCAM grant awardees Women’s Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS) organised activities in India.

Some highlights of activities organised in different districts of India:

  • Two urologists, Dr Republica and Dr Indira Kumar from RMD Hospital conducted online sessions for over 180 self-help group leaders and members. They addressed concerns about bladder cancer, with a focus on raising awareness among suburban and rural women who often prioritize family health over their own. Many of these women were unaware of bladder cancer symptoms, leading to neglect. After the initiative, women became more informed about symptoms, breaking down barriers to seeking medical advice.
  • Five educational sessions were hosted, including three through community outreach and two online sessions. Pamphlets, videos, and presentations were distributed, and a total of over 930 women participated. The initiative successfully achieved its goal of increasing awareness about bladder cancer by emphasising symptoms and providing medical guidance.

The collaborative efforts of WEEDS and the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition during Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May 2023 have had a significant impact. Through engaging community outreach and online sessions, the initiative successfully heightened awareness among women in Kancheepuram district. By addressing symptoms and overcoming barriers to seeking medical guidance, the program empowered women with knowledge and encouraged early detection. The participation of over 930  women, along with the interest shown in pre-consultations, highlights the effectiveness of the campaign in promoting bladder cancer awareness and fostering proactive healthcare.

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