7 April 2024 .Brussels , Belgium

World Health Day – My Health, My Right

World Health Day 2024, under the theme ‘My Health, My Right,’ highlights the necessity of universal access to health services, crucial for addressing diseases like bladder cancer – a disease diagnosed in over 610,000 people worldwide each year.

Bladder cancer does not discriminate, affecting individuals across all demographics. However, its impact can be more severe in communities where access to quality healthcare is limited. Early detection and treatment of bladder cancer can significantly improve outcomes, yet many individuals lack the information or resources necessary to recognise symptoms early on. Symptoms like blood in the urine, frequent urination, and pelvic pain should prompt immediate medical consultation, but without widespread health education and accessible healthcare services, these signs can be overlooked.

We invite you to participate in raising awareness and taking action today together with the world. Learn more about World Health Day.

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Learn more about bladder cancer on our bladder cancer information pages.

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