5 August 2022 .Brussels , Belgium

New Bladder cancer infographic 2022 now available

We have just launched a newly updated easy-to-print infographic showcasing key facts about bladder cancer. The infographic features the latest GLOBOCAN data on bladder cancer impact around the world.

WBCPC bladder cancer infographic is a useful tool for advocacy and awareness. Bladder cancer is the 10thmost commonly diagnosed cancer and yet, its awareness remains low when we looking at patient experiences. Around half or so patients hear about bladder cancer for the very first time at diagnosis.

It is fundamental for both men and women to understand the signs, symptoms and their risk of developing bladder cancer and ensure that everybody around the world is getting enough information.

There is a real need to continue the conversation and raise awareness about bladder cancer. We invite you to download our infographic and share it with your community online and offline. This easy-to-print infographic can be put up in your workplace, community space or practice/clinic.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with us at info@worldbladdercancer.org 

Download infographic

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