1 May 2024 .Brussels , Belgium

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month begins today!

Introducing “Spot the Drop” – game to challenge bladder cancer symptom awareness

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month starts today, May 1st! We are thrilled to introduce a new initiative for this year’s campaign: an engaging online game called “Spot the Drop!”

Our campaign aims to spark conversations that raise awareness about bladder cancer by highlighting the symptoms of bladder cancer and overcoming any barriers to seeking medical advice.

The Spot the Drop game connects seeing red to taking action by challenging your reaction time. You can see how you stack up against famous sports stars or even compare yourself to professions that rely on quick reflexes.

But there’s more than just fun and games: “Spot the Drop” emphasises the importance of early detection and prompt medical attention if symptoms arise, highlighting how prompt action directly impacts early diagnosis and survival rates.

Play the game, test your reaction, share it with your community, and help spread awareness about the importance of early detection.

How else can you get involved this May?

There are a number of different ways that you can join the community and lend your support this Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. We are gathering all of the campaign resources in over 9 languages in our Padlet on this page.

Explore our campaign toolkit to discover the campaign in more detail and how you can contribute to your community (available in English and Spanish).

Use & follow hashtags across your social media platforms: #GetChecked #UnsureIcon #BladderCancerMonth24 and if you do not already, follow us on:

We all have a role to play in raising awareness about bladder cancer and whether you do it in-person or online, it all counts if we do it together. Join us this month of May.

If you have any questions or if you would like to participate, but require resources in any other languages please get in touch with us at info@worldbladdercancer.org 

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