6 October 2023 .Brussels , Belgium

Global Insights into Bladder Cancer Care: A Comprehensive Survey

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition in collaboration with UroToday launched a four-part video series to discuss the findings from the Global Bladder Cancer Patient and Carer Experience Survey. Chaired by Dr Ashish Kamat, each episode covers different areas of patient pathway with unique reflections from experts who have contributed to the project.

In this first episode of video series organised by Urotoday.com and the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition, Dr Ashish Kamat joined Dr Pat Hensley and WBCPC President, Dr Lydia Makaroff to discuss insights into patient experiences and treatment access.

They delved into the findings of the WBCPC Global Bladder Cancer Patient and Care Experience survey which garnered 1,198 respondents from diverse geographies, revealing that while 58% of patients felt adequately involved in treatment decisions, a significant 40% felt otherwise.

The discussion also highlights disparities in preoperative counselling, especially concerning sexual side effects post-radical cystectomy.

The experts emphasise the need for shared decision-making and better patient education, including discussions about clinical trials. They also touch on the challenges faced by patients in resource-constrained settings, advocating for a more individualized and inclusive approach to care.

Watch the first episode of the series on UroToday.com

Explore the Patient & Carer Experiences with Bladder Cancer Survey Report.

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