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Thank you - WBCPC Members - Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
1 June 2021. Raising Awareness

‘Bladder Cancer Digital World Tour’ concludes the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month shining a light on bladder cancer impact worldwide

Dedicated campaign for Bladder Cancer Awareness Month: Providing clearer information about bladder cancer, its causes and symptoms will help reduce the impact of this disease – and save thousands of lives.

We are working hard to connect a growing network of bladder cancer patient communities. Our aim is for the map to become a living tool – a new resource for knowledge sharing and dialogue that supports bladder cancer communities, stimulates wider cooperation, and educates more people about the disease worldwide. We believe this effort can contribute to reducing the burden of bladder cancer in every country.
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6 May 2021. Building Community

Bladder cancer awareness month digital meetup – May 12

We’ve teamed up with Stupid Cancer this month, to organise a Digital Meetup as part of the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month programme.

We are calling all adolescent and young adult bladder cancer survivors and patients to join this meetup. No need to prepare - come as you are! 
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3 May 2021. Building Community

The SIU and WBCPC enter formal agreement to advance bladder cancer patient care

WBCPC and SIU enter into a formal two-year partnership with the aim to improve the quality of bladder cancer best practices and standards of care worldwide.

The patient’s voice is a critical link in patient care and is often lacking in many countries, where bladder cancer patient groups do not exist. This partnership underscores how patient communities add value to health care professionals and promotes the importance of partnering with patients as an integral part of the research-to-treatment pathway.
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16 April 2021. Building Community

Now available in French: Start-up guide for bladder cancer groups

The latest edition of the Start-up guide launches French, in addition to English and Spanish language versions already available.

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Joint letter on covid-19 and cancer WBCPC
7 April 2021. Engaging in Advocacy

Joint letter on COVID-19 and cancer

300 cancer organisations express commitment and readiness to support governments in addressing Covid-19 challenges in an effort to help people affected by cancer, including bladder cancer, around the world.

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8 March 2021. Raising Awareness

Recognising the incredible women in the bladder cancer community

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition highlights the impact of bladder cancer on women and celebrates women patient advocates around the world.

This year, on International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that while only one in four bladder cancer cases occurs in women, they have worse outcomes at every stage of the disease because bladder cancer can mimic gynecological issues and go undetected and untreated, making for worse outcomes. This must change.
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