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16 April 2021. Building Community

Now available in French: Start-up guide for bladder cancer groups

The latest edition of the Start-up guide launches French, in addition to English and Spanish language versions already available.

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Joint letter on covid-19 and cancer WBCPC
7 April 2021. Engaging in Advocacy

Joint letter on COVID-19 and cancer

300 cancer organisations express commitment and readiness to support governments in addressing Covid-19 challenges in an effort to help people affected by cancer, including bladder cancer, around the world.

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8 March 2021. Raising Awareness

Recognising the incredible women in the bladder cancer community

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition highlights the impact of bladder cancer on women and celebrates women patient advocates around the world.

This year, on International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that while only one in four bladder cancer cases occurs in women, they have worse outcomes at every stage of the disease because bladder cancer can mimic gynecological issues and go undetected and untreated, making for worse outcomes. This must change.
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4 February 2021. Engaging in Advocacy

COVID-19: Impact on cancer patient organisations – Report

New report highlights the challenges faced by charitable organisations who provide a wide range of services for cancer patients and their community, including funding of research and health professional education.

For the many organisations who rely on volunteers to deliver support services the crushing effect of the pandemic on patients and their families have left this once vital source of support vastly diminished, and it will take time and effort to rebuild that.
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4 February 2021. Building Community

Together, for bladder cancer patients on World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, WBCPC highlights the importance of collective efforts to continue the support for people affected by bladder cancer across the world.

Our member organisations have made tremendous efforts towards ensuring the continuity of the vital services that they provide to people affected by bladder cancer. Despite increased financial and other pressures and rising patient needs, our community has shown resilience and unity in our mission to be the source of support, advocacy and information for those who need it most.
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2 February 2021. Engaging in Advocacy

REGISTER: Global Cancer Coalition Network Virtual Event on COVID-19 Impact

Join us for the first Coalition Connection event, an interactive session that will examine the effects of COVID-19 and the innovative strategies patient advocacy organisations have employed in the wake of this global health crisis.

Our first GCCN's virtual event is an opportunity to learn from each other, inspire and share best practices patient advocacy organisations have employed in light of COVID-19 pandemic to continue providing vital services to people affected by cancer.
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