Our work

As a global patient organisation, our mission is to foster an international community of people affected by bladder cancer. We support existing and help to establish new bladder cancer patient groups in different countries, and form strategic partnerships across the globe in pursuit of our mission.

Our focus

We focus on promoting greater global awareness about bladder cancer, and we advocate for the best possible support, information and care for people affected by the disease, no matter where they live in the world. We do this by building a strong community of bladder cancer patient advocates around the world.

We raise awareness about bladder cancer across the globe, with a particular focus on unrepresented and under-represented countries. Our members and affiliates work at the national-level to provide patient support and information first-hand. Together with our strategic partners, we aim to reach as many people around the world as possible with our messaging, and improve all-around awareness of bladder cancer.

We believe that evidence-based advocacy is the best way to move bladder cancer patient treatment and  care forward in a positive direction. As a global organisation, we engage strategic partners and policy makers in pursuing our goal of driving bladder cancer to the top of the global health policy agenda. We also work together with our members and affiliates to support national advocacy efforts, exchange experiences, and build up their capacity to advocate for better care.

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Building Community

We’re connecting people around the world affected by bladder cancer.

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Raising Awareness

We raise awareness around the world about bladder cancer.

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Engaging in Advocacy

We advocate for access to the best possible treatment, care, support and information.

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Our themes

We believe that every step of the bladder cancer patient care pathway must be optimised with patient-centricity in mind. As a global patient advocacy organisation, our work encompasses all stages of the care pathways – from prevention, through to survivorship care and research. Together with our members and affiliates we work tirelessly to drive change in all of these areas.

Access to treatment
Quality of life

How we work with others

We are a growing global community of patient organisations focused on improving the lives of people affected by bladder cancer. Our coalition was built on collaboration and many of our member organisations were born out of a personal struggle with bladder cancer, and a need to create a national source of information, and support for other bladder cancer patients where it was lacking. We believe that together, by sharing information, knowledge, experiences, struggles and successes with each other; we can more effectively drive forward positive change.

Our partnerships with leading urology and oncology stakeholders are of strategic importance. These partnerships allow us to reciprocally share information, support and grow communities and make impact in under-represented countries.

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Get involved

We are always looking to partner and connect with like minded organisations. Whether you’re looking to become a member, start a patient group in your country, or donate your time and experience to support our work - there are a number of different ways you can get involved.