World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum

We are excited to announce that the World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum 2024 will take place on October 1-2, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. To ensure that you stay up to date with the latest news and updates regarding the Forum, click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

We hosted our 3rd World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum in Madrid, Spain on October 19, 2023. Our forum marked a significant milestone for our international community. This year, we focused on understanding the supportive and complementary needs of bladder cancer patients. Building upon the recently published findings of the Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey, we explored practical ways to address these patient needs in real-world practice.

The event featured engaging sessions with insightful presentations and a lively panel discussion. It provided a platform for both our speakers and the engaged audience to interact, making it an enriching experience for everyone involved.

And that’s not all – we were thrilled to welcome our member organisations and aspiring bladder cancer patients and advocates from across the world this year. We had inspiring presentations, which shared the incredible projects and initiatives they run locally. They are at the forefront of providing invaluable support and advocacy for bladder cancer patients.

If you have missed this year’s Forum or wish to revisit the discussions, watch the recording on our WBCPC Youtube channel.


Our past events

Each year we aim to build on the success of our previous events, learn from previous conversations and ensure that the quality of life of the people affected by bladder cancer improves.

If you are interested in exploring our past events and to better understand what drives us, then click below!

The second World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum brought together our community in Paris and virtually. This year’s Forum was a milestone event for our international community and because we shared the insights from our first Bladder Cancer Patient and Caregiver Survey.

This year’s theme, ‘Taking bladder cancer patients’ voice forward’, is a stepping stone for action, drawing from the results of the Bladder Cancer Patient and Caregiver Survey.

The multi-stakeholder panel moderated by Dr Lydia Makaroff featured conversations with patient advocates, medical society, healthcare professional and industry perspectives regarding more concrete ways on taking patient’s voice forward.

We welcomed our member organisations from across the world this year. Their three different projects from Australia, Canada and Italy showcased the diversity of incredible efforts of patient organisations to support people affected by bladder cancer and drive much-needed change locally.

Patient Forum 2022 image

The first World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum took place virtually on September 22, bringing together over 150 registered attendees from 35 countries.

The Forum brought together leading voices from around the world. The panel discussed the role of patient voice from research design to treatment and care. The multi-stakeholder panel also explored the challenges of including patients’ voices in research design, bladder cancer care, and in driving policy change in areas concerning people affected by bladder cancer.

Our coalition member organisations have also showcased some of the activities they are leading. Many of which are having a positive impact on bladder cancer patients in their countries and communities.

Patient Forum 2021 image

At the WBCPC 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, held in September we have brought together leaders in bladder cancer research, advocacy, patient organisations and the pharmaceutical industry. Participants from 25 countries worldwide have joined us to explore the topic: What action is needed to place bladder cancer higher on the global health policy agenda?

Strong bladder cancer patient groups across the world can bring bladder cancer higher on national and global health policy agenda, thus driving our collective mission towards ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. One of the core missions of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition is to foster an international community of people affected by bladder cancer.

We discussed different avenues for engaging our multi-stakeholder network to help us deliver this mission, exchange ideas on how to connect these communities with each other and with resources, and how to bring unity for the vision and goals of bladder cancer patient organisations worldwide.

The meeting will also brought attention to some of the most pressing issues in the bladder cancer community. From medicines shortages to innovation in bladder cancer, the discussion focused on patients voice in shaping research agenda and driving advocacy and policy change.


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