4 November 2022 .Melbourne , Australia

Australia: Guidelines for general practitioners about treating haematuria

Dr Stephanie Demkiw, co-founder of Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia, co-developed guidelines from a general practice perspective about how to treat haematuria with some of Australia’s top urologists specializing in bladder cancer care.

This helpful resource summarises the aetiology, investigation and management of haematuria in the primary care setting, with a focus on urological assessment and outcomes.

The presence of bladder in the urine may be a singular symptom signalling underlying urological pathology, either benign or malignant. However, many patients with haematuria will have no identifiable course found. Appropriate early investigation and management of haematuria in the primary care setting is essential for timely referral of patients suspected of having severe underlying pathology while avoiding over-investigation in those patients prone to transient and benign causes.

We invite you to download the brochure here

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