3 February 2023

Stigma and Bladder Cancer infographic with Cancer Vessie France

In collaboration with Cancer Vessie France, our member organisation in France, we developed a new infographic titled “Stigma: The Invisible side of bladder cancer. This infographic highlights the impact of stigma on bladder cancer patients based on data from 312 patients and caregivers, including 38 from France, who shared their experiences through surveys and qualitative interviews

The themes explored in the infographic include:

  • The disease disadvantages
  • The experience of internal stigma
  • The experience of external stigma

The research was conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of bladder cancer on patients and caregivers and to explore the existence, manifestation, and evolution of stigma within the bladder cancer patient community.

The infographic is also available as an international version here.

Helpful tool for advocacy and awareness

To support patient groups in their advocacy efforts, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition has also developed an advocacy guide in both international and local versions. This guide provides suggestions on how to use the infographic to raise awareness among healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and the wider community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us at info@worldbladdercancer.org  or with Cancer Vessie France at contact@cancer-vessie.fr

Disclaimer: The infographic was developed by the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition with the financial support of Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd, using the data from the “Patient and caregiver survey on stigma and disease disadvantage in bladder cancer 2022” developed by Real Sky Thinking for Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.


En collaboration avec Cancer Vessie France, notre organisation membre en France, nous avons développé une nouvelle infographie intitulée Stigmatisation: Le côté invisible du cancer de la vessie. Cette infographie met en évidence l’impact de la stigmatisation sur les patients atteints d’un cancer de la vessie en se basant sur les données de 312 patients et soignants, dont 38 de France, qui ont partagé leurs expériences par le biais d’enquêtes et d’entretiens qualitatifs.

Les thèmes explorés dans l’infographie sont les suivants :

  • Les inconvénients de la maladie
  • L’expérience de la stigmatisation internet
  • L’expérience de la stigmatisation externe

Cette recherche a été menée pour mieux comprendre l’impact du cancer de la vessie sur les patients et les soignants et pour explorer l’existence, la manifestation et l’évolution de la stigmatisation au sein de la communauté des patients atteints de cancer de la vessie.

Download the infographic

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