8 April 2024 .Buenos Aires , Argentina

Ana María’s experience with muscle-invasive bladder cancer diagnosis

The second video in our five-part series “5 Women, 5 Experiences” , introduces the inspiring positivity of Ana María. Aged 79 and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina Ana María shares her bladder cancer journey.Diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2022, her cancer experience was not her first one, as she overcame breast cancer few decades before.

Ana María is part of a new research study, or clinical trial, investigating new treatment options for muscle-invasive bladder cancer.  Her treatment regimen at the Fleming Institute, includes locally administered chemotherapy and systemic immunotherapy. Participating in a clinical trial offers another potential treatment avenue for the patient, whilst also contributing to advancement of bladder cancer research and better treatment options for bladder cancer patients in the future.

«Living with cancer has not stopped me from enjoying life. I still go to the gym, enjoy walks, and maintain my normal routine. I have come to terms with my diagnosis and have embraced the treatment process.

Ana María, bladder cancer patient

Ana María offers a unique perspective of bladder cancer diagnosis and participation in a clinical trial. The WBCPC Global Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey showed that just 16% of patients received information about clinical trials. This highlights the need to better inform patients about their options to participate in research that could benefit them and advance bladder cancer treatment and care.

By sharing Ana María’s story of hope, we highlight the wider challenges women face with bladder cancer. This effort seeks to support and empower women facing bladder cancer.

Together, we are advocating for increased awareness and action on issues women encounter when faced with a bladder cancer diagnosis and fostering a world where every woman’s health journey is acknowledged and supported.

We invite you to learn more about our “5 women, 5 experiences” campaign here.

If you want to learn more about bladder cancer, visit our bladder cancer information pages or contact our member organisations closest to you.

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