13 June 2022 .Brussels , Belgium

Leven met blaas- of nierkanker joins WBCPC community

We are delighted to welcome the Dutch patient organisation Leven met blaas- of nierkanker (LMBNK) or Living with Bladder and/or Kidney Cancer in English, to the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. A well-established organisation in the Netherlands, LMBNK becomes the 12th member organisation of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition.

LMBNK promotes the interests of bladder cancer and kidney cancer patients and brings people affected by the disease together for peer support, also providing patient information. LMBNK actively work in several areas, one of which is patient advocacy:

  • They seek to improve the quality of care for people with bladder cancer or kidney cancer from the patient’s perspective.
  • They are committed to more concentration of care by expert centres – the very best care in an expert centre where one to three tumour types are treated.
  • They are committed to transparency through clear quality information about hospitals.
  • They are participating in the introduction and roll-out of choice guides for patients.
  • They believe that patients have the right to know the best hospital for the treatment they need.

«Strong patient-led organisations, providing support, information and advocating on behalf of bladder cancer patients are the backbone of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. We are thrilled to welcome LMBNK to our international community to further strengthen and support each other, inspire bladder cancer patient advocates around the world and make leaps forward together to improve the lives of people affected by bladder cancer.

Alex Filicevas, Executive Director of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition believes that organisations such as LMBNK are essential to raising awareness about bladder cancer locally, providing much-needed peer support and information to patients and their families.

We encourage bladder cancer patients, caregivers, families and advocates to join together to improve support, information and care for people affected by bladder cancer in their communities. This is why we have developed the Start-up guide for bladder cancer patient groups – a step-by-step guide and source of direct inspiration from our members for those ready to start a patient support group in their country.

If you have any questions, would like to learn more, join our coalition or start your own bladder cancer patient group, email us at info@worldbladdercancer.org

You can find more about Leven met blaas- of nierkanker here

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