5 April 2024 .Paris , France
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Empowering patient care with AI: WBCPC presentation at EAU24

WBCPC President, Dr Lydia Makaroff, presented on the use of digital technology and data-driven shared decision-making at the European Association of Urology 2024 (EAU24), Europe’s largest Annual Urology Congress, in Paris, France this week.

Her presentation focused on how new technologies and AI, in particular, are reshaping the way patients and doctors work together to make health decisions. During her presentation, she discussed the impact of digital tools on patients through 3 case studies:

  • Educational modules for patient organisation: In collaboration with Stanford University, Fight Bladder Cancer launched an online module. Participants shared how they use AI generative chatbots to suggest additional questions, explain complex concepts, break down a project into smaller tasks and suggest techniques to thrive in adversity.
  • Precision oncology research paper: the paper highlighted the shift towards personalised treatments in oncology, underlining the complexity this adds to shared decision-making. The study emphasised using AI to identify all possible treatment options, supporting patients, families, and clinicians in making informed decisions based on personalised characteristics and preferences.
  • European Patient Digital Health Awards: an awards program recognising innovative approaches to patient care in Europe. One of the highlighted winners was a project that employed machine learning to identify dementia through a 15-minute electroencephalogram (EEG) test with 94% specificity and 77% sensitivity. This technology allowed for earlier and faster diagnosis than traditional methods, supporting informed decision-making among patients and families by providing crucial diagnostic information sooner.

«The advancements in AI are expected to empower patients with greater control over their healthcare decisions, leading to more personalised care, increased productivity, and enhanced shared decision-making.

Lydia Makaroff, President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

Learn more about EAU24 Congress here.

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