8 November 2023 .Brussels , Belgium
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Urge to Act: WBCPC signs Manifesto for policy reform on Continence Health in Europe

WBCPC joined stakeholders for a policy focused EU Continence Health Summit 2023 organised by the European Association of Urology last November 8, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium.

Continence health problems are a major health issue impacting patients and their loved ones, national health systems, the economy, the environment and society. The Continence Health Summit brought stakeholders together to work on a common purpose: Underscore the need for action to improve continence health and to provide policymakers with a policy vision that can drive tangible change.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition joined 20+ scientific, professional, patient and non-profit organisations and supported the launch of the Manifesto for policy reform on Continence Health in Europe.

The Manifesto for policy reforms calls for concrete policy changes that recognise the importance of patient-centred continence care. There is a concrete call on European and national policymakers to:

  • Develop a comprehensive EU continence health strategy
  • Give individuals full and equitable access to continence health solutions
  • Guarantee access to toileting facilities in public and private spaces
  • Improve the number and accessibility of trained healthcare providers
  • Find and fund sustainable continence care solutions for health systems
  • Support information caregivers
  • Understand the interconnections of continence and related health domains
  • Improve funding for continence health research
  • Run public awareness campaigns
  • Encourage public-private partnerships to improve continence health

This manifesto represents the shared goals of all these organisations working together to enhance continence health in Europe.

Download the Manifesto

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