19 November 2023 .Egypt

Raising bladder cancer awareness in Egypt

For the second consecutive year, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition was thrilled to offer the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Grants (BCAM Grant) in 2023. The BCAM Grants enable patient organisations, support, or advocacy groups in low and middle-income countries to bring awareness to bladder cancer in their communities.

This year, one of our BCAM grant awardees Mansoura University Safety Society (MUSS) organised activities in Egypt. They have taken inspiring steps to bring bladder cancer awareness to their community in May and beyond.

Some highlights of activities organised in Mansoura, Egypt:

  • Collected around 1,700 survey questionnaires to gauge public awareness levels of bladder cancer and promote disease recognition. Results of the survey show that the majority of people are not aware symptoms, risk factors, or treatments of bladder cancer.
  • Created leaflets containing infographics and common symptoms in Arabic, which were distributed for public education.
  • Organised a competition featuring questions about bladder cancer’s causes and symptoms, as well as recreational activities like bingo and darts. Prizes were randomly awarded to winners for added incentive.
  • Collected supportive messages from the public, displayed for patients and featured in the Urology and Nephrology Center’s clinics.
  • Conducted an online Orientation session in collaboration with Consultant Urologist and Prof. Dr. Alaa A Moukhtar at the Urology and Nephrology Center and at Faisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Hosted a symposium at Mansoura Faculty of Medicine to increase knowledge of Bladder Cancer Awareness
  • Produced a video featuring consultant urologist Dr. Mohamed M. Elsherbiny. In the video, he addressed key information the general public should know about bladder cancer and emphasized when individuals should consider getting checked.

«Bladder cancer is very common in Egypt and there is very low awareness about this disease as we tend to diagnose it at late stages. We urge the population to learn more and the signs and symptoms and to get checked if they experience any of them.

Dr. Mohamed M. Elsherbiny, Urology and andrology consultant

MUSS strategic efforts in bladder cancer awareness have been highly effective in reaching people affected by bladder cancer and other relevant audiences in Egypt. Their diverse campaigns, interactive initiatives, and collaborations with medical experts have effectively educated the public and promoted disease recognition in Mansoura and beyond. By engaging the community, MUSS has contributed to the broader goal of fostering early detection and proactive healthcare-seeking behaviours.  Muss’s approach serves as a strong example of effective advocacy and paves way for more elaborate activities for future bladder cancer awareness months.

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