Bladder cancer awareness month 2021

Thank you for joining and for helping us get people around the world more #BladderCancerAware in 2021!

A core pillar of our advocacy and awareness raising efforts each year is hosting the World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May, to highlight the facts about bladder cancer, promote awareness of the disease and call for more investment in research, treatment and care.

We also take the time to remember all those who have lost their fight with bladder cancer , and stand together as a global bladder cancer patient community to fight for those currently undergoing treatment and everyone affected by bladder cancer no matter where they live in the world.

2021 impact

This May 2021, during Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, we have not only reached more people but also had a much bigger impact than ever before. Together, we brought the community together, helped bring attention to bladder cancer across online conversations, raising awareness about bladder cancer and guiding people affected by it to a wealth of resources and support provided by our member organisations around the world.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making the 2021 bladder cancer awareness month a success! The awareness month hashtags reached over 40 million people globally and our activities on our social media channels alone, reached over 1.5 million people, with 50,000 people interacting with the content.

Digital World Tour

In 2021, we went on a virtual journey to better understand the impact of the disease around the world. Bladder cancer knows no borders, and our Bladder Cancer Digital World Tour will virtually visited 31 countries – highlighting the impact of bladder cancer in different regions and shining the light on incredible organisations working to support people affected by bladder cancer.

Head over to the Bladder Cancer Digital World Tour and learn more about bladder cancer in the world.

About 2021 theme

This year’s World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month theme was all about conversation and your commitment to ask that important question “Have you ever heard about bladder cancer?” We believe that by asking this one question and talking about bladder cancer we can help millions become #BladderCancerAware if we ask each other to pay it forward by asking one other person “Have you ever heard about bladder cancer?” We all have a role to play in raising awareness about bladder cancer and whether you do it in-person or online, it all counts if we do it together.

Image Awareness Month

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Bladder Cancer is the
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50% of deaths occur in less developed countries

How can you get involved?

While the bladder cancer awareness month for 2021 has passed, these following ways of continuing to raise awareness for the rest of the year remain crucial! Whether you represent a national organisation, a smaller group or are an individual – we need all hands-on deck! Every contribution – small and large – helps us to bring awareness to this disease. Whether you have 5-minutes to give, or you wish to become more involved – it all counts

Did you know that you can personalise your social media profile photos and banners to show your support? Update your profile photo with a Facebook frame and Twibbon for Twitter and other social media platforms.

Additionally, during the 2021 awareness month, we had prepared a social media pack below which had everything you may need to spread the world online. If you have other ideas, specially for the 2022 awareness month, or need more support as an organisation, do reach out to us we will provide appropriate resources and support wherever possible.

Don’t forget to also explore our members’ activities during the World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2021, below.

We will be updating the following material for the 2022 awareness month but you can still download the toolkit that we created for this year.


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