Together for people affected by bladder cancer

Ukraine help

Resources and information for cancer patients affected by war in Ukraine

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Patient information

Important information for bladder cancer patients, carers, and families

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Patient Forum

Our annual event for bladder cancer patient advocacy community

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New Bladder cancer infographic 2022 now available

Check out our latest infographic featuring latest global bladder cancer data, including signs & symptoms to help you raise awareness in your community.

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Organising an annual bladder cancer walk in Canada

Ken Bagshaw, Founding President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition and Board Member of Bladder Cancer Canada, shares the initiative of an annual country-wide awareness-raising walk for bladder cancer patients in Canada.

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Real bladder cancer patient stories illustrate their journey

Patients, survivors and caregivers share their personal bladder cancer journeys to highlight the impact of bladder cancer and the need for greater awareness.

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We represent 12 member patient organisations from 9 different countries.

Our Organisation

Bladder cancer data

Explore our bladder cancer Digital World Tour map.

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Our network

We connect and work with people around the world to improve outcomes for bladder cancer patients.

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