4 February 2021 .Brussels , Belgium

Together, for bladder cancer patients on World Cancer Day

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day on 4 February, the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition is proud to join the international cancer community in shining light on cancer challenges and our collective efforts to overcome them.

Together, all our actions matter. Throughout 2020 we saw how much we could achieve when working towards a common goal, even during the most challenging year in recent history. We celebrate World Cancer Day, highlighting the strength of even the smallest individual actions and the urgent need for collaboration.

Ken Bagshaw, bladder cancer patient and President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition said:

«Our member organisations have made tremendous efforts towards ensuring the continuity of the vital services that they provide to people affected by bladder cancer. Despite increased financial and other pressures and rising patient needs, our community has shown resilience and unity in our mission to be the source of support, advocacy and information for those who need it most.


Considerable challenges remain this year and, in the future, to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on bladder cancer care services. The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition works supportively and collaboratively with its member organisations, stakeholder groups, and partners worldwide to ensure that no one is left behind.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition represents 11 patient organisations in 8 countries, focused on providing support and information to people affected by bladder cancer and raising awareness in their countries. Bladder Cancer is the 10th most commonly diagnosed cancer across the world, yet bladder cancer patient groups do not exist in most countries and the general awareness remains low.

“When we look at patient experiences, around half of patients hear about bladder cancer for the very first time at diagnosis. There’s a real need to continue the conversation, and raise awareness, so we reach as many people as possible. World Cancer Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about bladder cancer when the whole world is talking about cancer and our collective efforts for cancer control. We are proud to join the campaign as a full member of the UICC.” said Alex Filicevas, the Executive Director of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition continues awareness efforts throughout the year. A particular focus on bladder cancer is during May Bladder Cancer Awareness Month when our community joins together to speak up, raise funds, advocate and increase awareness. We do so with an ultimate goal to improve the lives of people affected by bladder cancer and save lives across the world.

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