22 May 2024 .Brussels , Belgium

Why is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month important?

Bladder cancer is more common than many realise. Over 610,000 people receive a bladder cancer diagnosis each year all around the world. Yet, for many, it is the very first time that they learn of bladder cancer or its symptoms.

Knowing bladder cancer symptoms and when to act on them, can save a life.

That’s why May Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is so important. It helps to raise awareness of the disease, and its impact around the world and in local communities and helps reach those who may be unsure about the symptoms they are experiencing.

This month also provides a platform for all people affected by bladder cancer to connect with each other, share their stories and show support for each other.

Learn more about our network of patient organisations. 

How are we raising awareness this May? 

This year’s campaign ‘Feeling Unsure? Get Checked’  brings attention to the misrepresentation of symptoms and encourages people to re-evaluate their symptoms, as what they thought they saw may actually be something different. The discovery of visible blood in the urine is an important symptom which may be mistaken for other conditions, causing bladder cancer to be overlooked.

To raise awareness about the importance of early detection, this year, we have launched an engaging online game called “Spot the Drop!”.

This game connects seeing red to taking action by challenging your reaction time. You can see how you stack up against famous sports stars or even compare yourself to professions that rely on quick reflexes.

Have you played the #SpotTheDrop game yet?

How can you help?

  • Explore our action toolkit which tells the story behind this year’s theme and many inspiring ways to help you make the most out of the campaign.
  • Head over to our resources page where you will be able to find all the multi-lingual campaign resources we have prepared for you.

Do not forget to tag us on social media and use the following hashtags: #BladderCancerMonth24 #GetChecked #UnsureIcon

By taking part in Bladder Cancer Awareness Month you become part of a worldwide effort to bring more awareness to bladder cancer, its symptoms and its impact. Your participation helps spread knowledge and compassion, which are vital in raising our collective voices for those affected by bladder cancer. Whether it’s through engaging on social media, participating in community discussions, or personal advocacy, your actions play an essential role in increasing awareness and supporting those affected by bladder cancer.

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