27 January 2024 .San Francisco, California , United States of America
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WBCPC Patient survey findings at ASCO GU Symposium in San Francisco

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC) marked a significant achievement by presenting the Global Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey results poster at the ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in San Francisco, California (USA). The leading annual meeting organised by the American Society of Clinical Oncology on January 25-27, 2024. This marked the organisation’s first poster at this prestigious event, underscoring our growing commitment and impact in the field of bladder cancer research and advocacy.

The WBCPC poster titled Experiences of patients with bladder cancer: A comparison of urban and rural areaspresented notable findings from the survey data sub-analysis.

Key findings from the Global Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey, which gathered responses from 1,198 participants across 45 countries, revealed notable disparities in patient experience based on their geographical location. Patients in rural areas were found to experience longer times to bladder cancer diagnosis, less clear communication from the healthcare providers, and difficulties in accessing treatment. The results underscore the need for a critical reassessment of communication strategies and healthcare infrastructure, especially in rural settings.

This research provides valuable insights into the urban-rural divide in bladder cancer care. It also serves as a foundation for further investigations. It emphasises the importance of a patient-centric approach in bladder cancer care, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by patients in different geographical locations.

Download the ePoster via the button below and explore further findings from the Global Bladder Cancer Patient & Carer Survey in the findings report.


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