11 November 2021 .Brussels , Belgium
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WBCPC discusses role of data and artificial intelligence at World Cancer Series: Europe 2021

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC) joined two separate panel discussions at The Economist’s 7th Annual World Cancer Series: Europe which took place virtually on November 8-11, 2021.

The 7th World Cancer Series: Europe 2021 explored what needs to be done to catalyse a “triple bottom line” for Europe: better cancer outcomes, sustainable cancer care, and social and economic growth and development. And how this can impact cancer care beyond the region. 

In order to encourage patients to share their health data, they need to trust the system. They need to know that this will help the patients coming after them. They need to know that their health datasets will be used altruistically” said Dr Lydia Makaroff, President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition  

This multi-stakeholder event convened patients, the academic and health sectors, policymakers, health, finance and business ministries, investors, and industry to discuss solutions and ways forward on priorities for cancer control. Those include better prevention, better care, human capital, more vibrant knowledge economies and greater equity across Europe.  

The objectives of the event were that through panel discussions, keynote interviews, case studies and digital labs, experts would explore:

  • The real-world examples of improved care for the individual with (or at risk of) cancer.
  • How improving care and patient health across the region contribute to social and economic development across Europe
  • The concrete steps that can be taken to foster better prevention, better care, human capital, more vibrant knowledge economies, and greater equity across Europe.

«Collecting the right data throughout care but also through follow-up and survivorship has the potential to better identify and anticipate patients' needs and respond to these evolving needs for each patient.

Alex Filicevas , World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition, Executive Director.

Learn more about how the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition engages in policy, advocacy and works with stakeholders here.

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