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COVID-19: Impacto en las organizaciones de pacientes con cáncer – Informe

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, the Global Cancer Coalitions Network (GCCN), of which WBCPC is a member, has launched a report COVID-19: Impact on Cancer Patient Organisations Worldwide in 2020.

Launched at the GCCN virtual event Coalition Connection on February 4, the survey results highlight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer patient groups and show that patient advocacy organisations face a clear and present danger with few signs of reprieve as the pandemic continues.

The survey report builds on work undertaken in June 2020 and provides important insight into the impact of COVID-19 on cancer patient advocacy groups around the world, and those they support. Our first survey in June 2020 showed a disturbing picture of the then-current and projected challenges faced by charitable organisations who provide a wide range of services for cancer patients and their community, including the funding of research and health professional education.

At the end of the year, little has improved. The majority of organisations provide essential services – often adapted to the online environment – with reduced budgets, staff and volunteers, for a patient population whose needs in terms of support and information have increased significantly.

«For the many organisations who rely on volunteers to deliver support services the crushing effect of the pandemic on patients and their families have left this once vital source of support vastly diminished, and it will take time and effort to rebuild that.

Alex Filicevas, Executive Director, World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

The need for support for patient advocacy organisations has never been greater. Those who provide such vital care on the front lines are in a perilous position. The services they offer often complement or even replace healthcare services that have been displaced by the COVID-19 and are an important lifeline for patients and their families. It is imperative that emergency funding be made available so these vital organisations can continue to provide this pivotal support.

We encourage everyone to share this report with colleagues, contacts, and corporate partners, as it clearly articulates the resource challenges many of our partner organisations face as a result of the pandemic.

You can download the report below, and you may also replay the GCCN Coalition Connection virtual event on Vimeo.

In addition to the report, the GCCN has also created a series of social media assets which you can find in our Resources section.

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