3 February 2023. EVENTS, Raising Awareness

Together let’s close the gap in cancer care – World Cancer Day!

On World Cancer Day, WBCPC recognises the power of knowledge and highlights the importance of closing the gap in cancer care.

Strong, empowered patient groups are essential to close the care gap in bladder cancer care. That’s why we focus our efforts on supporting patient advocates in starting a group in their communities.
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3 February 2023. Engaging in Advocacy, NEWS

Stigma and Bladder Cancer infographic with Cancer Vessie France

We have created an infographic in partnership with Cancer Vessie France to showcase the effects of stigma on individuals impacted by bladder cancer, using shared experiences from both patients and caregivers.

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1 February 2023. Building Community, NEWS

Ken Bagshaw steps down from WBCPC Board of Directors

Ken Bagshaw stepped down from the WBCPC Board of Directors and his role as Treasurer effective February 1, 2023.

As the Founding President, Ken was instrumental to the outstanding progress and growth of our international bladder cancer patient community. We are all thankful for Ken’s devotion to bladder cancer patient advocacy for over a decade, from Canada to around the world. It has been a privilege to serve alongside Ken on the Board of Directors of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. He has been kind enough to offer his continued guidance, and I will be grateful to call upon him in the years ahead.
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30 January 2023. EVENTS, Raising Awareness

Get involved during World Cancer Day

Find out how you can get involved for World Cancer Day and play your part in creating a cancer-free world.

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25 January 2023. NEWS, Raising Awareness

WBCPC team share the organisation’s priorities for 2023

Hear from WBCPC team discussing the organisation’s priorities for the upcoming year and exciting projects launching in 2023.

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21 January 2023. Building Community, NEWS

Making fight against bladder cancer the New Year’s resolution

Start 2023 with a commitment or supporting hand for the bladder cancer community and discover our suggested New Year’s resolutions for you.

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16 January 2023. Engaging in Advocacy, NEWS

Stigma and Bladder Cancer UK infographic with Fight Bladder Cancer

We have developed an infographic in collaboration with Fight Bladder Cancer which aims to highlight the impact of stigma on people affected by bladder cancer based on shared lived experiences from patients and caregivers.

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9 January 2023. Engaging in Advocacy, NEWS

WECAN Activity Report summarises achievements of 2022

WECAN published its 2022 Activity Report showcasing the European cancer patient community’s collective efforts to ensure cancer patients get the support, training, and voice they deserve

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2 January 2023. Engaging in Advocacy, NEWS

Stigma: The invisible side of bladder cancer – an advocacy infographic

Explore the results of a survey highlighting the challenge of stigma often faced by people affected by bladder cancer.

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27 December 2022. Engaging in Advocacy, EVENTS

Recording available of the panel discussion “Empowering genitourinary cancer patients to become their own best advocates” – World Cancer Congress 2022

WBCPC Executive Director, Alex Filicevas, stressed the need for more bladder cancer support networks and organizations around the world at the World Cancer Congress 2022.

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