8 May 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Play our “Spot the Drop” game!

Are you ready to take on a challenge? Play the game and try to beat our highest score!

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2 May 2024. EVENTS, Raising Awareness

Bladder Cancer Patient Day in France to help patients take control

Cancer Vessie France and the French Association of Urology hosted a Patient Day, sharing insights on bladder cancer treatments and research.

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1 May 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month begins today!

Play our new game “Spot the Drop” which raises awareness about symptoms and the importance of early detection!

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29 April 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Radical cystectomy to recovery: Angela’s courageous bladder cancer journey

Watch as Angela from Canada shares her bladder cancer journey, including a life-altering radical cystectomy.

Being part of Bladder Cancer Canada has been transformative. It's incredible to connect with a community that truly understands what you're going through. This shared experience brings so much comfort and strength.
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23 April 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May and why it is important

Over 610,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer worldwide each year, yet many hear about bladder cancer for the very first time at diagnosis.

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16 April 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Get involved during Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Have you explored our BCAM24 resources yet?

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10 April 2024. Building Community, EVENTS

Connecting with urology professionals at EAU24

WBCPC participated at the European Association of Urology Congress in Paris.

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8 April 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

Ana María’s experience with muscle-invasive bladder cancer diagnosis

Watch this story of positivity and resilience from Argentina, as Ana María shares her experience with the clinical trial for the treatment of muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Living with cancer has not stopped me from enjoying life. I still go to the gym, enjoy walks, and maintain my normal routine. I have come to terms with my diagnosis and have embraced the treatment process.
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7 April 2024. NEWS, Raising Awareness

World Health Day – My Health, My Right

This World Health Day, we want to highlight the necessity of universal access to health services, crucial for addressing bladder cancer.

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5 April 2024. EVENTS, Raising Awareness

Empowering patient care with AI: WBCPC presentation at EAU24

WBCPC President Dr Lydia Makaroff highlighted the transformative role of AI in improving bladder cancer patient care through innovative case studies

The advancements in AI are expected to empower patients with greater control over their healthcare decisions, leading to more personalised care, increased productivity, and enhanced shared decision-making.
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