Raising awareness

Elevating the global conversation about bladder cancer

Raising awareness about bladder cancer is one of the most important things that we do. We work across the globe and put a particular focus on under-represented countries – where there is an urgent need for improved patient care. 

We focus on bringing attention to bladder cancer risks, signs and symptoms, and treatment and care options; with the aim of improving bladder cancer patient outcomes.

The importance of raising awareness about bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the 10th most common cancer in the world, with more than half a million new cases reported each year. Despite widespread pervasiveness, awareness can be poor among the general public and many people only hear about bladder cancer for the first time at their diagnosis. We want to change this; and bring greater attention to the disease.

Largely, the success of bladder cancer treatment and thus, survival is significantly impacted by a timely diagnosis. Raising awareness about bladder cancer amongst the general population and primary care physicians is a key step to improving the lives of people affected by the disease, and to help ensure a timely diagnosis, better treatment outcomes and quality of life for all patients affected by bladder cancer.

Moreover, awareness raising activities can also support advocacy efforts by strengthening the patient voice around policy discussions.

Join the World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2021 and help us raise awareness. Explore the campaign toolkit and the bladder cancer Digital World Tour map!

We work with our members and affiliates to empower them to raise awareness and reach people in their countries with important facts about bladder cancer that everyone should know. We partner with our members, external partners, key stakeholders and the industry to reach the widest audiences.

A core part of our advocacy efforts each year is hosting the World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May, to highlight the facts about bladder cancer, promote awareness of the disease and call for more investment in research.

Our awareness-raising work is key to improving the lives of people affected by the disease; and to bring greater attention to patient needs. By working together, and raising our global collective voice, we can have a great impact on patient outcomes. We hope you will join us in our efforts!
Andrea Maddox-Smith

Vice-President of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition; Chief Executive Officer of the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network


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