Bladder Cancer Digital World Tour

Join us on a virtual journey as we focus on bladder cancer impact in different countries and shine a light on incredible organisations working to support people affected by bladder cancer.

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Key figures


most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide


of cases in lower income countries


most common cancer in Asia & Middle East


leading cancer related cause of death

Focusing on bladder cancer impact worldwide


  • Bladder cancer is the 4th most diagnosed cancer in Lebanon
  • Lebanon is amongst the countries with the highest incidence in the world
  • Lebanon is the 12th country on our Digital World Tour
Prevalence Prevelence  Icon
Incidence Incidence Icon
Mortality Deaths Icon
Male Male Icon
Prevalence -1,237
Incidence -462
Mortality -223
Female Female Icon
Prevalence -410
Incidence -161
Mortality -76

World Health Organization (WHO). International Agency for Research on Cancer. Country Profile 2020: Lebanon.

The World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2021 Digital World Tour is an opportunity for everyone to become more #BladderCancerAware.

Every day in May, we highlight the impact of bladder cancer in a different country, whilst shining the light on incredible organisations working to support people affected by bladder cancer. Follow our journey across social media and come back here to learn about more countries as we share more facts & figures throughout the month.

Bladder cancer is the 10th most diagnosed cancer globally, yet, awareness remains low. The support networks, such as bladder cancer patient support and advocacy organisations, are still lacking in most countries. Bladder cancer data is essential to better understand the disease and its impact on lives across the world.

Explore the data above or download the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month campaign toolkit. You can help us raise awareness in your community by starting a conversation with one question – “Have you ever heard about bladder cancer?”

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