Dr Stephanie Demkiw

Dr Stephanie Demkiw (B.Med, B.Surg, B.BiomedSci) is on the Board of Directors of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition and is a co-chair of Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia is a primary care physician from Melbourne, Australia. She has had a keen interest in bladder cancer patient advocacy ever since her father was diagnosed 10 years ago with an aggressive form of the disease. When he passed away, Stephanie and her sister formed Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia (BCA) which is the first formal awareness group and charity in Australia, solely dedicated to bladder cancer. She has had many roles in medical research over the years, being involved in over 10 published research projects, many of which are in the field of bladder cancer. She is currently working on a Master of Public Health. Outside of her work as a community health physician and bladder cancer advocate, she enjoys art, film, travel and spending time with her family.