Lauren Pretorius

Lauren Pretorius, is on the Board of Directors of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition co-founder and CEO of Campaigning for Cancer, has been committed to the cause since its inception in 2008, emphasizing the rights of cancer patients. Launching her first venture in branding and marketing during school laid the groundwork for her corporate background. The association with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Foundation transitioned her focus to non-profit initiatives, and by 2005, she became the Chief Operating Officer of the Breast Health Foundation. With her diverse experience, Lauren formed Prime Consulting, dedicated to assisting non-profits in strategic evolution. Later, Campaigning for Cancer and Friends of Cancer Patients collaborated to launch the Patient Advocacy Incubator, a testament to her leadership. Lauren maintains active roles in coalitions such as AORTIC and the Lymphoma Coalition. Additionally, she continues to broaden her knowledge base, currently undertaking a course at the University of Adelaide.