Support community

If you are facing a bladder cancer diagnosis – you do not need to do it alone. Online or in-person bladder cancer patient support groups help to connect people who are currently going through the same thing, or who have already gone through it in the past. They can provide people with an important outlet to communicate, offer comfort, and exchange information with people having similar life experiences.

How to find a patient support group?

Many of our member organisations have established online peer-to-peer support groups, providing information, comfort and support in a space without judgement. There are also support groups designed for caregivers, who take on this important role when a friend or family member becomes sick and may also benefit from speaking to others going through the same experience.

For many, a support group can help to fill an important gap in the need for emotional and informational support. Hospital care teams may not be fully equipped to meet all of these patient needs; and families may not always know the best way to support someone experiencing the impact of the disease or its treatment.

To help you connect with a support group near you, we encourage you to find a bladder cancer patient organisation on Our network page in you respective country to find out about how you can join the community.

If one does not yet exist, why not set one up in your country and connect local patients? We would encourage you to get in touch with us for guidance on how to do it or read our ‘start-up guide’ for more information on how this can be done – with examples from our members.

Do you know an online bladder cancer support community that is not part of our network? Get in touch with us, and help us connect more patients and families seeking support.

Start-up guide for bladder cancer patient groups Download