How can I get support in my country?

Bladder cancer groups across the globe, small and large, have an important role to play in improving the situation for patients and their families. Often, patient organisations help to fill important gaps in patient needs associated with information and support.

Reach out to a national or regional bladder cancer patient organisation

Our member organisations are mostly bladder cancer patient organisations that work in different countries to support patients. They work to bring awareness to bladder cancer at the national level, advocate for better treatment and care, and also lend a hand to patients that require further information and support than what is provided by hospital care teams.

If you are looking for further information and support, as a first step, we always recommend reaching out to your medical team. In addition, we would recommend reaching out to one of our member bladder cancer patient organisations’.

Find all our members and affiliates working to support people affected by bladder cancer on our network page.